Take II

I’m going to try the blogging thing again. I did fairly well for a little while… I had grand ideas of proclaiming God’s faithfulness in our new homeschooling adventure and in every other area of our lives… and I just kind of tuckered out and then… FORGOT.

I’m a bit bummed about it, really. God has been doing some really FUN things in my heart! I look back at my old Delight Within the Veil blog and see some very different priorities. When I’ve some more time, I’ll have to gush about God’s pruning… about the idols he’s snipped from my life. Idols that I didn’t even REALIZE were idols are now dashed to pieces and I am so HAPPY! Yes! I must tell about that! And SCHOOL! It is SO FUN! I know tough times will come- but I refuse to borrow trouble. At any rate, I’m back! I’m going to try to make a go of this. The last blog was really fun and put me in touch with some really neat people!

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