Bloggity Blog Blog Blog…

School is done for the day, quite successfully, I might add.

Munchkins are building “ships” for a Lego Jr. Ship-Building Competition…

Noah’s building a “Space Pirate Ship” (naturally). 😉

Lydi-Lou is building a VERY girlie, VERY pretty “House Ship” (with a window)! ♥


I have a stack of work to do and lots of errands to run and I’m honestly not feeling a bit overwhelmed.  I’m happy and content!

I am trying not to be anxious about our State Fair ministry.  Our contract says we can’t paint faces this year!  Agh!  Each time I call the guy in charge, he’s out of the office.  I’m an almost constant caller… that means he’s hardly ever in!  I’m going to write an email this afternoon.  He’s been a star when I’ve dealt with him in the past… it’s just getting in touch with him that is the hard part.

I want to blog… trying to be faithful to the “write for 5 minutes every day” challenge that my grandfather gave me is actually pretty difficult.  I wrote for several hours yesterday… but they were notes and letters to people who were on my heart.  Some short.  Some terribly long.  Can’t that count?!?

I feel goofy, blogging when I’ve nothing straining to get out.  Kind of unusual for me.  But nice.  Placid.  That’s it!  My life is unusually placid today!  The calm before a raging storm, perhaps?  How exciting!


Not excited or agitated.


Easygoing, yet motivated.


In my Ocean of  tranquil Rest.


Interrupts and becomes a pest!

And then it all flies out the freakin’ window!


~tmm (just now) 😉

Oh well… no more blogging about nothing today.  Duty calls.  This DELIGHTFUL duty, right?!?

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