Drinking in More of the Bridegroom’s Goodness and Reveling in His Care

I’ll have to gush to you about our Bridegroom’s sweetness…

We were talking to the kids in Sunday School about some of the things Peter witnessed that would have shaped him/his character/his relationship with and thoughts about the Messiah.

We were in Luke 8:40 and following and we talked to the kiddos, first of all, about Jairus… and the fact that this man was a RULER in the SYNAGOGUE… and HE fell at Jesus’ feet. (We prefer the ESV, but LOVE how the NKJV says, “And behold”… Like: LOOK! CHECK IT OUT!… Can you imagine?!? A RULER of the synagogue falling at Jesus’ feet and BEGGING Him to come to his house! WOW!!!  WHAT must the witnesses have thought?!?

Then we talked about v43-48… the woman who had the discharge of blood for 12 years (MISERY!)… why did she SNEAK and touch Him?!? Why did she touch Him and then try to run away? Why did Jesus say, “Who touched me?” Did he not know?

First of all, she was sneaky because if you go back and look at Levitical law, she was UNCLEAN!!! For 12 years!!! Anything she would sit on or touch would be unclean! She spent everything she had, trying to be healed. In Mark, it says that she SUFFERED at the hands of the physicians! =( Can you imagine?!? She was an OUTCAST!!! Can you imagine how the Jews would have reacted, had they seen her coming to our Christ to be healed?!? Poor woman!


So… did our Jesus… this God-man NOT know who touched Him? Did God, in the garden NOT know where Adam and Eve where? OF COURSE He knew!!! Our God wants RELATIONSHIP… our God wants COMMUNION with us… our God wants DIALOGUE with us! And our Shepherd does NOT save us and then leave us alone! He is all about aftercare! He could have let her go on her merry way… BUT!!! He wanted to take CARE of her… He wanted to provide more than physical healing for her!!!

Fun Peter, he’ s so like US…SEAUX looking with his EYES, “Master, the crowds surround you and are pressing in on you!” Like: Come on! EVERYONE is touching you!!! What are you talking about!?!

Then the poor woman!!! “And when the woman saw that she was not hidden, she came trembling, and falling down before him declared in the presence of all the people why she had touched him, and how she had been immediately healed.” TREMBLING! So scared! Can you imagine?!? Everyone knows you’re unclean… you SNEAK into a CROWD of people … believing that if you can just get close enough… just to touch the tunic of this man…this man who is the Christ… you will be healed… no longer an outcast… no longer unclean… and she fell down and TOLD everybody WHY she touched Him… how scary! What would the people do?!? How embarrassing on some level (though I think the fear would far outweigh that for me).

What does the Messiah do?

What does the Messiah do?!?

He calls her DAUGHTER!!! Jesus, the Christ, GOD in the FLESH calls this woman DAUGHTER!!! From what I can find in the Scriptures, He never calls anyone else daughter! (He says “daughters of Jerusalem” or “daughters of Zion”) THERE in that crowded street… He didn’t let her just leave! He called her out… and called her DAUGHTER in front of all of those people… and he said, “Daughter, be of good cheer; your faith has made you well. Go in peace.” He made sure everyone KNEW she was clean… not an outcast any longer!!! He TOOK CARE OF HER!!!

THAT is the Christ that our friend Peter walked with! That is the Christ that shaped this ordinary fisherman and made him a rock! THAT is OUR Christ! Doesn’t it give you hope and comfort and security… He will not save you and then leave you to yourself! Ours is a King who makes certain his people are cared for… for the long haul.

Oh! Can you imagine what it must have been like for her to have him call her DAUGHTER?!?
*happy sigh*

It’s all very fun… God is so very good to give us His word… we have this great privilege:  digging into the Scriptures… pulling apart the words… but I hear kiddos stirring and I haven’t ANY breakfast ready for them! I’ll have to gush to you more, later!

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One response to “Drinking in More of the Bridegroom’s Goodness and Reveling in His Care

  1. whenyouwalkalongtheway

    Oh I love it! I was Amenin’ the whole time. Girl I know how mushy I get with my own dad. I am a true daddy’s girl. And my dad loves me to pieces and I know that but to have my heavenly father call me his Daughter would be amazing. I know I fall short so often that I do not dare presume to declare myself his child but even in those deepest moments of feeling sinful and seperate from him I can still hear him whisper.. Daughter! Oh that I would continue to seek to touch him.. Oh that I would risk my life to be near to him. Great Post!

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