Identity Crisis… a Quick Review of Tedashii Anderson’s Latest CD…

I’m not one to  “review” things, usually (maybe I’ll start!)… but this is THAT GOOD!
My hubby and munchkins surprised me with this cd for my birthday at breakfast this morning and this is what I think:

Identity Crisis= an unbelievable blessing!
(Thank you, God! You are so NICE to us!)
A super-fun and much-needed birthday present!

it’s so easy to believe the lie that what the world thinks matters…

Tedashii stirs us up and reminds us, throughout this entire album, that CHRIST, alone, is our all-satisfying treasure!

I think it might be my very favorite cd at the moment (don’t scoff that it’s rap/hip-hop… it’s PACKED with TRUTH!) …
it makes me NOTHING…
It makes Tedashii NOTHING…
but it makes our Christ EVERYTHING!

I heard this song for the first time this morning and the tears flow, because it is MY heart… my wicked, wretched heart that has been redeemed and captivated by the King! Oh! His conquering love! How thankful I am for His choosing me! He is ALL I NEED! He, alone, is my all-satisfying treasure!

You can get the lyrics HERE… or read them as the video plays.

Note:  I DO wish these amazing men would SMILE!!!  The covers of their cds make them look like thugs… hard… miserable… ready to beat somebody down… they are Christians… saved by grace… chosen by GOD!!!  They KNOW the JOY that is FOUND IN CHRIST…  I’m just saying!

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