Gran & Grandad Celebrate 50 years

50 years of marriage!

GEAUX Gran and Grandad!!!

What a TESTIMONY… what an EXAMPLE…

Gearing up for their 50th wedding anniversary celebration, the grandchildren and great grandchildren were to write a short little tid-bit to be put into a booklet for them.  I thought I’d share ours:

From me:


Not many would grab a strange, awkward, troubled, ten-year-old little girl and put her on one’s lap.  My Gran did, though.  While I didn’t fit comfortably on her lap 21 years ago and I certainly can’t fit in her lap now, I really can’t question whether or not I fit into her heart.  Her heart is so colossal that I wonder if anyone really questions his place there!

While Gran and I don’t always agree, our “talks” are always precious and deep.  We might be accused of being sentimental or emotional… basing arguments more on feeling than reason… but Gran and I would agree (and argue fiercely with you) that we are both PASSIONATE… and it is so much fun to be passionate with her!

It’s wild to think that so many years ago, when I watched the rest of the world walk out on me, God had a plan and He knew that I would need my Gran… to help validate (but not excuse) those crazy feelings, to understand the frightened, wary little girl, to always be honest with me, even when it hurt, and to hone my arguing skills!  Late-night talks on the beach, digging toes into the sand, almost always disagreeing but always loving…No one is like my Gran!

Now, as a woman and a mother, I love seeing Gran squeeze my children while she smiles widely and I can feel it… watching her, I remember what it felt like being so little and having those same loving arms engulfing me… squeezing me until I thought I’d pop!  I love watching her rock around the house, dancing with a munchkin or one of her girls in her arms… throwing her head back in laughter… speeding down the road jamming to groovy music… talking to her girls… cheering on the Tigers… loving her friend, Grandad!  I am so happy that God made her my Gran!  What biology didn’t do… GOD DID!


Just saying the name truly makes me taller!  Grandad! It’s delicious to say… not because the word, itself, rolls off the tongue in any special way, but because of WHO the word represents!  There is no Grandad on the planet as cool as John Errol Gautreau!

I giggle, thinking of my groovy Grandad, sitting at the table with the paper, sipping cappuccino out of the 99¢ Gray Power mug I gave to him 20 years ago… or in the living room, watching golf, a game, or the weather channel while all of his women sit in the kitchen, cackling… the louder the women get, the higher he cranks the volume on the tv… the louder the women get… the higher he cranks the volume on the tv… no animosity… no irritation… just matter-of-fact.

Matter-of-fact! That’s it!  He is so matter-of-fact that you can trust him in absolutely everything!  He doesn’t hurt your feelings when he tells you that you’re wearing ridiculously high heels because… as a matter-of-fact, they ARE ridiculously high!  He’s amazing!

Our Grandad is so fun, sharing his loves and joys with his grandchildren and great grandchildren… comics, side-by-side on the sofa… laughing and pointing and, while the jokes are too far above our heads, we always laugh because we love Grandad and we want to love what he loves!  Sending surprises in the mail… and having special little treats for his family when he sees them in the form of shiny, hand-picked rocks, mini-flashlights, pink flamingos, and boomerangs!  He knows EVERYTHING!  Really, he does!  He’ll tell you about the Jesuits and the stars and the planets and the Bernoulli Principle and he’ll even tell you the best way to tie your shoes when you go for a run.  And when he tells you all of these wonderful, amazing, and sometimes simple things, he’s telling you that he loves you!

©PortCityPrincess 2009
All Rights Reserved

From Charles:


When I think of Gran, I think of a woman who is not afraid to just jump up and dance.  In a world where it seems that people are too self-conscious to do just about anything, it is so refreshing and inspiring to see someone willing to embrace the moment anytime, anywhere.

From day one, you made me feel like a welcome addition to your family, which is saying a LOT, as we all know the value you put on the family God has given to you.  You were even the first babysitter for our first child!  Thank you!

I love you, Gran!  Dance on!


When I think of Grandad, I think of the words, “my boy”.  Even though I know he calls a lot of people that (maybe everybody), there is something about hearing it that makes me feel at ease, at home, and as if I had known him my whole life.

I also think about the word craftsmanship.  Grandad loves fine craftsmanship.  Whether it’s the curved wood of a boomerang, a beautiful pitch and putt, or the awe-inspiring cosmos, Grandad knows, respects, and admires craftsmanship.  He should, because He and Gran have crafted an incredible family.

I love you, Master Craftsman.

From Noah:


I love the cereal that Gran has.  It’s so good and my mom never gets it for me.  Gran has it at her house, though.  Gran is funny when she dances and paques eggs.  I think we should see Gran more often.


Grandad is cool.  He knows a lot about space and if I email him, he emails me back with all the answers.  He makes boomerangs and he throws them, too.  He’s really nice to sit and let me hold them.  He discusses them with me and tells me how they work and what they’re called.  That’s pretty cool for a grandad to do, I think.

From Lydia:


Dear Gran,

You are so nice and gentle and loving and kind.  And so I love you so much.  I like you so much.  You dance with me and we laugh and that is so fun.  You are the best.




Dear Grandad,

I like you so much.  I like how you’re into space and boomerangs.  And I love you so much.  SUPER much.  So, this is how much I love you:  ALL THE WAY TO THE MOON AND HEAVEN AND ALL THE WAY BACK… that’s a lot, huh?


I really wish we had done something like this for Grandma and Grandpa, who celebrated their 50th a few years ago…
Hmmm… maybe we can put something like that together for them soon!

I’m amazed that I’ve got phenomenal granparents on BOTH sides of the family… so completely different and so completely wonderful!
They are both wonderful testimonies to covenant-keeping…

I’m thankful!

©PortCityPrincess 2009
All Rights Reserved


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