Looking for Peace in… a HOT DOG?!?

So… I know that the Scriptures do NOT say, In swine you shall have peace… but honestly, I’m not caring much right now… I’m opting for 2 hot dogs with mayo and relish on wheat buns and facebook. Yup. There you have it! The Christian life isn’t all rainbows and sunshine my friends. Sometimes it feels like it would be SO MUCH EASIER to NOT be a Christian…


THERE’S the thing… HE always gets involved… When you’re His… you can’t get away from Him. You see… The SPIRIT of God LIVES in Christians! Crazy, granted, but TRUE… the whole foolish things to confound the wise and all that jazz… And so… when you are so frustrated and irritated that you run to relish-covered hot dogs and social networking sites instead of your God… He will USE the very site… and sometimes your very own posts to remind you of who you are and (even better) who HE is… I’d be so MAD… but I can’t anymore. I just have to chuckle. He’s so FUN and so NICE and He loves His people so much that He WON’T LET US AVOID HIM!

I’m so happy to have a Father who seeks His children… binding them with chains of LOVE! Doggone it!


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