A Snippet from Life

We have been BUSY. ALWAYS BUSY! I was telling Charles the other day that I don’t see why people worry about homeschoolers not having any chance at socialization… Homeschoolers are NEVER home! We’re always running somewhere to meet with someone… field trips, co-op classes, play-dates, park-days, art-days. I’m longing for a stay-at-home day! We’re having a great time, though.

I admit, I’m a little smug when we’re out running errands on the way home from one of our gazillion outings and various adults (glaring at me because my children are not in school) overhear these two short munchkins discussing thermonuclear fusion and light energy and solar flares. Just yesterday, a snobby-looking woman (granted, that may just be my nervous perception) 😉 had to do a double-take when she walked by, because Noah and Lydia were discussing the difference between Egyptian hieroglyphics and Sumerian cuneiform.   I’ve got some pretty cool kiddos! They’re loads of fun! They love to learn and to discuss the things they’re learning. We have the neatest conversations! While I’m very tired and can’t find enough time to do all I need to do (I need a maid!), I wouldn’t trade this for anything in the world!

I would be missing out on so much neat stuff with them! Still, I have my days of impatience and fatigue and I often find myself checking out the website for Providence Classical Academy (the neatest private school in our area)! My husband is such an encourager, though! When he comes home to a messy house with laundry all over the place because I haven’t had time to fold it or put it away, or when he comes home to a crazy-looking wife racing around trying to decide what to make for dinner, or when he comes home to his bride reduced to tears because it’s been a hard day, he’s always kind and patient and he lifts me up! He tells me how beautiful I am and how smart I am and how proud of me he is and of how thankful he is that we’re a TEAM and that I’m the mother of his children. He tells me I’m a great teacher and the most amazing wife. Sometimes I have to pinch myself, he’s so unbelievable! I cry and pout and apologize for not having everything done that I think needs to be done and he smiles and hugs me and asks me, “Are my children alive?” Of course, they are and he laughs and says, “Then you’ve done a great job today!” I still can’t believe that Charles is mine! I don’t deserve him at all… but OH! I don’t think any woman on the planet could ever be as thankful as I am! And I think you would be hard-pressed to find a woman more in love with her husband. God is good, isn’t He?!?

Well, I’m rambling now…  I better end this!  We’ve got lots of school to do today! The children have been memorizing Robert Louis Stevenson’s poetry. So far, we’ve done “At the Seaside” and “The Swing.” Today we are working on “Where Go the Boats”. We’ve also got to get ready for a big art day tomorrow! YIKES! Add to that: Noah’s math test, Lydia’s phonics test, vocabulary for both History and Astronomy, and soccer practice for BOTH of them followed by church… I really had better get going!

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