Chicken Gunk

TODAY I’M THANKFUL FOR: (I know it’s late… but it’s been a long, busy day!!!) I’ve a lot to be thankful for… just today… BUT-

While many of you know I HATE deboning chicken- so much so that my husband RARELY gets the gumbo he loves, poor thing- I am so very THANKFUL for deboning chicken tonight!!! Crazy, huh?!? Wanna know why? Well… deboning 20lbs of chicken tonight gave me HOURS (I’m slow) to think and be thankful! God is so NICE like that! Just a little taste:

First of all, I was deboning chicken because God has given me some AMAZING friends and I want to hang out with them and be cozy with them and revel in God’s greatness with them and listen to jazz music with them… and it’s fall… and gumbo is cozy and festive… Deboning chicken because I have neato God-given friends is FANTASTIC! I’m so thankful I get to debone chicken to show LOVE to them! I’m so thankful for the godly people God is surrounding us with (it is answered prayer).

Then, while I was deboning chicken, Noah came to me (my hands covered in nasty chicken gunk) and softly said, “Mom, I’m having a really hard time knowing God.” I’m so happy I was covered in chicken gunk and that I got to sit and listen to my son pour out his little heart to me… I will happily debone chicken every day if God will give me more of THAT!

After Noah was in bed, we got a phone call… and because my hands were covered in chicken gunk, and I was on a mission, I couldn’t and wouldn’t answer- so Charles did. Someone was a gazillion times nicer to me and more generous to me than I deserve and while Charles relayed the message to me, I wept and snotted (have no fear, nothing got into the chicken!) and desperately needed to have my nose wiped, but my hands were covered in chicken gunk… and my gorgeous hunk of a husband took a Kleenex and lovingly and tenderly wiped my nose… SEVERAL times! *embarrassed chuckle* I’m so happy I was covered in chicken gunk! It spared me an argument and left me weak and let my husband be strong and tender. Bring on more chicken gunk.

More than all of these amazing and precious things, though, I am so very thankful for my God who can make even CHICKEN GUNK a BLESSING to His silly, selfish, tired children.

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